Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is an independent company combining expertise in Quantum Information Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation and Pattern Recognition.

We design solutions that will benefit from quantum computing even in its earliest forms, and we have thus developed technologies that are realisable with classical computing and, in the future, with quantum computing.



Quantum Operating Systems and Quantum Simulation

CQC has designed ti|ket>, a proprietary operating system for quantum computers. ti|ket> fully manages quantum computer software and hardware resources.


Quantum Encryption

CQC has developed a unique process for Quantum Encryption. The core foundation of the process is based on a proprietary protocol for the certified generation of true randomness, making use of quantum resources in an unheralded manner.


Artificial Intelligence

CQC has developed Arrow, a collection of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for anomaly detection and classification of real-time data. Arrow provides selected partners with the tools to derive value from financial time series.


Secure Authentication and Quantum Resistant Cryptocurrency

CQC is the co-owner of a proprietary protocol based on quantum resources to create unforgeable token authentication. Examples of applications are in the financial industry (high value transactions), digital cash, and information transfer over distributed networks.

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