Representative publications of CQC affiliates or written with support of CQC


Marcello Benedetti, Delfina Garcia-Pintos, Yunseong Nam,  Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz
A generative modeling approach for benchmarking and training shallow quantum circuits
Marcello Benedetti, John Realpe-Gómez, Rupak Biswas, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz
Quantum-assisted learning of hardware-embedded probabilistic graphical models
Fernando Brandao and Krysta Svore
Quantum Speed-Ups for Semidefinite Programs
Charles Poli, Matthieu Bellec, Ulrich Kuhl, Frabrice Mortessagne, and Henning Schomerus
Selective enhancement of topologically induced interface states in dielectric resonator chain
Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz, Alexander Feldman, Asier Ozaeta, Sergei V. Isakov, Zheng Zhu, Bryan O’Gorman, Helmut G. Katzgraber, Alexander Diedrich, Hartmut Neven, Johan de Kleer, Brad Lackey, Rupak Biswas
On the readiness of quantum optimization machines for industrial applications
Mattia Fiorentini and Nicola Bonini
Thermoelectric coefficients of n-doped silicon from first principles via the solution of the Boltzmann transport equation
Gabriel Mazzucchi, Santiago F. Caballero-Benitez, Igor B. Mekhov
Quantum measurement-induced antiferromagnetic order and density modulations in ultracold Fermi gases in optical lattices
Marcello Benedetti, John Realpe-Gómez, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz
Quantum-assisted Helmholtz machines: A quantum-classical deep learning framework for industrial datasets in near-term devices
Laura Mancinska, David Roberson, Robert Samal, Simone Severini, Antonios Varvitsiotis
Relaxations of Graph Isomorphism
Stephen Brierley
Efficient implementation of Quantum circuits with limited qubit interactions
Mark Jackson, Gary Shiu
A Consistency Relation for Single-Field Inflation with Power Spectrum Oscillations
Andrew Simmons
On the computational complexity of detecting possibilistic locality


Master Dissertations and Research Associate Projects at CQC


Henrik Dreyer
Superconducting qubits

Deyan Mihaylov
Quantum annealing and optimization

James Kilbane
Josephson Junctions and complexity

Sam Burville
Quantum Fourier transforms and the hidden subgroup problem

Stephen Piddock
Span programs and quantum algorithms

Andrew Simmons
[Multiple projects]

Bogdan Ganchev
Review: Silicon quantum computers

Robin Elliott
Applications of quantum computing to financial analysis

John Darlison
Impact of commercial quantum computers to decentralised digital bitcoin currency

Daochen Wang
Automata and contextuality

Alexandre Krajenbrink
[Multiple projects]

Thomas Perrais
Quantum algorithms for graph-theoretic problems

Charlie Derby
Quantum linear systems algorithms for Laplacian systems

Oscar Higgott
The qubit placement problem in low-depth circuits.

Ross Grassie
Compiling in restricted architectures using an approach inspired by (classical) physics

Srinath Kailasa
Leveraging techniques from classical parallel computing for quantum compilers

Shahid Banglawala
Gaussian Process Regression for Financial Time Series Forecasting

Vincent Li
Machine Learning algorithms applied to Stock Market Prediction

Klaudia Kludwisiak
Time-series Classification using Convolutional Neural Network with application to Financial Data

Clement Goubet
Deep Learning in Arrow an automated trading system

Ermira Zhuka
Stock Market Prediction: A meta-model using Dynamic Time Warping

Konstantinos Metallinos
Dynamic Time Warping in Finance, Classifying Anomalies in the Stock Market


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