We set out our vision to positively transform the world using the power of quantum computing back in 2014. In simulating the essence of nature, our mission lies in making unprecedented breakthroughs in drug discovery, healthcare, materials science, cybersecurity and energy. Today, we are recognised as one of the world’s foremost quantum computing companies, delivering science-led, enterprise-driven solutions to tackle hard problems across a range of industries.

Think like nature, compute like nature.
This is how quantum works. This is Cambridge Quantum.

Science for humanity is at Cambridge Quantum’s core. It compels us to find ethical solutions to largely unanswered questions. Cambridge Quantum helps businesses, institutions, investors, partners and governments through quantum computing solutions, with an ecosystem consisting of global leaders in tech, computing, aerospace and energy across Europe, the USA and Japan.

Cambridge Quantum designs, engineers and deploys algorithms and enterprise application libraries, translating cutting-edge research into industry leading technologies through a product-centric focus. TKET, our hardware-agnostic software development platform and other technologies are currently utilised by an expansive and ever-growing user base.

The team at Cambridge Quantum has been developing the theoretical foundations of quantum computing for over 25 years, forging ahead with breakthroughs in the fields of quantum chemistry, quantum artificial intelligence, quantum cybersecurity and quantum algorithms. At present, we have the deepest roster of researchers, developers and engineers working to democratise quantum computation and realise the benefits for the greatest possible number of people.

Unravelling nature’s source code one (qu)bit at a time.
This is quantum computing.


As a leading quantum computing software provider, Cambridge Quantum is on a mission to positively transform the lives we lead through quantum computation. By leveraging the industry’s latest, state-of-the-art hardware, we develop and deliver application-specific quantum software across the domains of quantum chemistry, quantum artificial intelligence and quantum cybersecurity.


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The Journal is by real people, for real people with eye level insights from Cambridge Quantum’s thinkers and doers. Through continuous dispatches, The Journal features vis-a-vis round table discussions from the world of quantum, gets up close and personal with quantum scientists and delves behind the scenes of everything quantum from around the globe.