Aker BP Partners with Cambridge Quantum Computing to Develop Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms for Multiphase Flow

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 19, 2021 – Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”) is pleased to announce the results of their work with one of Europe’s largest independent energy companies, Aker BP.

The collaboration between Oslo based, Aker BP and CQC saw the design and demonstration of a cutting-edge Quantum Machine Learning (“QML”) algorithm to tackle a multiphase flow classification problem. The team’s solution consisted of an instantaneous quantum polynomial-time¹ circuit trained as a three-class classifier, implemented on an IBM quantum processor using CQC’s quantum software development platform – t|ket⟩™. Tested on Aker BP data, the QML classifier only required a handful of qubits to match the performance of a classical Support Vector Machine (“SVM”) with nonlinear kernels.

The results of this collaboration demonstrate one of the earliest applications of QML to the energy sector – providing a further step forward in the utility of today’s Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (“NISQ”) processors.

Dr Mattia Fiorentini, Head of Quantum Machine Learning at CQC said “We are pleased by the nature and results of our collaboration with Aker BP, demonstrating the early application of NISQ solutions to the energy sector. As both hardware and software continue to show significant developments, the impact of quantum technologies on many industry verticals is becoming increasingly clear”.

¹ IQP circuit, in short, can show quantum supremacy in the context of QML, see Havlíček, V. et al.
Supervised Learning with quantum-enhanced feature spaces. Nature, 567, 209-212 (2019)

About Aker BP

Aker BP is a fully-fledged E&P company with exploration, development and production activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Measured in production, Aker BP is one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe. Aker BP has a balanced portfolio and is the operator of the Valhall, Ula, Ivar Aasen, Alvheim and Skarv field hubs. Aker BP also holds a 11.5733 % share of the Johan Sverdrup field. The company is headquartered at Fornebu outside Oslo and has offices in Stavanger, Trondheim, Harstad and Sandnessjøen. Aker BP ASA is jointly owned by Aker ASA (40%), BP (30%) and other shareholders (30%). The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker ‘AKERBP’.

About CQC

Founded in 2014 and backed by some of the world’s leading quantum computing companies, CQC is a global leader in quantum software and quantum algorithms, enabling clients to achieve the most out of rapidly evolving quantum computing hardware. CQC has offices in the UK, USA and Japan with a team of over 130 professionals. For more information, visit CQC at http://www.cambridgequantum.com.

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