Cambridge Quantum Computing Joins The Pistoia Alliance

Cambridge, August 21, 2019 – Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”), a leading quantum technologies company with a deep focus on molecular and materials simulations, has joined The Pistoia Alliance, a global, not-for-profit alliance of life science companies, vendors, publishers, and academic groups that work together to lower barriers to innovation in research and development.

CQC is combining proprietary technology and unique interdisciplinary expertise across the fields of quantum information and computational chemistry to fully exploit the advent of quantum computation. CQC has developed EUMEN, a complete package to facilitate the design of pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals, performance materials and agrochemicals. Working with some of the world’s largest industrial entities, CQC is a pioneer in this emerging field.

“We are very pleased to welcome Cambridge Quantum Computing into The Pistoia Alliance, and look forward to working with them to achieve our goal of lowering barriers to innovation in the life science industry. The world of life sciences R&D continues to change rapidly – and sharing, partnering and collaborating will be essential to increased innovation. As our membership continues to grow, our projects and initiatives will be vital in fostering this collaborative mind-set and leading to new breakthroughs,” commented Dr Steve Arlington, President of The Pistoia Alliance.

About Cambridge Quantum Computing

Established in 2014, Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is a worldleading, independent quantum computing software company. CQC builds tools for the commercialisation of quantum technologies whose long-term impact will be profound. CQC design solutions that benefit from quantum computing even in its earliest forms and allow the most effective access to these solutions for the widest variety of corporate and government users. CQC combines expertise in quantum software, specifically a quantum development platform (t|ket⟩TM), enterprise applications in the area of quantum chemistry (EUMEN), quantum machine learning (QML), and quantum augmented cybersecurity. CQC’s t|ket⟩ TM is the world’s leading platform agnostic software stack incorporating the best performing quantum compiling and qubit routing protocols that allow users to gain the maximum advantage from quantum applications. t|ket⟩ TM integrates seamlessly with all machine architectures ranging from superconducting qubits to ion-trap based processors.

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About The Pistoia Alliance

The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit members’ organization made up of life science companies, technology and service providers, publishers, and academic groups working to lower barriers to innovation in life science and healthcare R&D. It was conceived in 2007 and incorporated in 2009 by representatives of AstraZeneca, GSK, Novartis and Pfizer who met at a conference in Pistoia, Italy. Its projects transform R&D through precompetitive collaboration. It overcomes common R&D obstacles by identifying the root causes, developing standards and best practices, sharing pre-competitive data and knowledge, and implementing technology pilots. There are currently over 100 member companies; members collaborate on projects that generate significant value for the worldwide life sciences R&D community, using The Pistoia Alliance’s proven framework for open innovation.


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