Cambridge Quantum Computing Welcomes Dr. Stefano Pironio as Scientific Advisor for Quantum Cryptography

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, February 6 th, 2021 – Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Stefano Pironio as Scientific Advisor on Quantum Cryptography.

Stefano is recognized as a pioneer and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of device-independent quantum cryptography. Stefano is well known for his work on deriving one of the earliest security proof of device-independent quantum key distribution and his contributions to the first experimental demonstration of device-independent quantum random number generation. Stefano is an accredited co-inventor of the NPA Hierarchy, a standard tool to study quantum correlations and their applications.

Currently, Stefano is a F.R.S.-FNRS Senior Research Associate at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he completed his Ph.D. in Physics. He has held postdoctoral positions at the California Institute of Technology, the Institute of Photonic Sciences, and at the University of Geneva. Stefano has received the QIPC Young Investigator Award, the De Donder prize of the Belgian Academy of Sciences, and the price La Recherche.

About Cambridge Quantum Computing

Founded in 2014 and backed by some of the world’s leading quantum computing companies, CQC is a global leader in quantum software and quantum algorithms, enabling clients to achieve the most out of rapidly evolving quantum computing hardware. CQC has offices in the UK, USA and Japan. For more information, visit CQC at and on LinkedIn.

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