Since our inception in 2014, our aim has been to positively transform the world using the power of quantum computing. Breakthroughs in drug discovery, healthcare, materials science, cybersecurity and energy will become possible as quantum computers become more powerful. We are one of the world’s foremost quantum computing companies, delivering science-led, enterprise-driven solutions to tackle hard problems across a range of industries.

Think like nature, compute like nature.

Science for humanity is at Cambridge Quantum’s core. We are motivated to find ethical solutions to questions – many of which are largely unanswered. Cambridge Quantum works with partners, which include large enterprises, research institutions and governments, to build and develop quantum computing solutions, and is a leading member of a rapidly growing quantum computing ecosystem.

Cambridge Quantum designs, engineers and deploys algorithms and enterprise level applications by taking cutting-edge research into solutions for solving real problems. TKET, our hardware-agnostic software development platform and other technologies are currently utilised by an ever-growing global user base.

The team at Cambridge Quantum has been developing the theoretical foundations of quantum computing for over 25 years. Our scientists have been responsible for and involved in breakthroughs in the fields of quantum chemistry, quantum artificial intelligence, quantum cybersecurity and quantum algorithms and quantum natural language processing. We have one of the world’s largest teams of researchers, developers and engineers working to democratise quantum computation and realise the benefits for the greatest possible number of people.

Unravelling nature’s source code one (qu)bit at a time.
This is quantum computing.