Collaboration with NQIT

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, March 12, 2017 —Cambridge Quantum Computing are very pleased to have won a prestigious EPSRC grant to develop a compiler module for the UK’s flagship quantum computing hub in Oxford, NQIT.

Building a quantum computer as a network of smaller devices is central to the NQIT idea. However, quantum algorithms are typically given in a high level mathematical language, and are usually not designed with a granular network in mind. CQC’s compiler project, that is built on groundbreaking work completed last year, will address this problem by exploring the challenges and potential gains of compiling quantum algorithms (or quantum programs) onto a network quantum computer such as NQIT.

CQC’s compiler module will be able to evaluate alternative physically realistic network graphs allowing us to understand how much connectivity is useful for NQIT and inform us how one of the first large scale quantum computers can be made to operate at maximum efficiency.

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