CQC joins Google Cloud Startup Program

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, September 12, 2017 —We are very pleased to report that we are participating in the Google Cloud Startup Program that provides CQC with cloud credits, access to architecture reviews and technical mentors, 24/7 support, and more. The programme is designed to help startups build and scale on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform has specific strengths in big data and machine learning, which is a core technology of CQC’s project Arrow that has been designed, built and now delivered through the AI Team here at CQC. At present, one of the tools we currently use to really enhance and scale our development plan is the Cloud Machine Learning Engine. As a result of Google’s generous support, during the next year CQC will have flexible access to a professionally maintained computing cluster that can scale up to a size of hundreds of GPUs and even thousands of CPUs. This enables us to develop deep learning models at a far greater pace, and facilitates the pace of our in house R&D activities to adapt to those of our commercial partners.On a broader horizon, the computational capabilities now at hand are comparable to university research groups. These resources are now readily available to the CQC scientific team to be employed towards one of the founding missions of CQC: the simulation of quantum hardware and the prototyping of quantum algorithms.

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