CQC working in partnership with Networked Quantum Information Technologies in crucial UK Quantum Readiness Programme

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, January 8, 2019 — The National Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT) in partnership with CQC are pleased to announce the launch of the UK Quantum Readiness Programme (“QRP”).

The National QRP has been designed to provide UK corporations and organisations with the knowledge required to understand the opportunities presented by quantum computing and associated quantum technologies. The principal strategic aim of the programme is to build on UK expertise and continue the UK’s global leadership in the quantum domain.

NQIT believe that the QRP will promote further activity in the quantum sector by educating future end-users, and, will provide them with an early insight into the commercial opportunities arising as a result of quantum computing and quantum technologies.

Comprised of a series of seminars and detailed ‘tech-talks’ delivered by technical specialists from NQIT and CQC, the initial phase of the QRP will be aimed at large UK organisations and corporates and those international corporations and organisations with a significant base in the UK, and, crucially will be delivered free of cost to participating companies and organisations at a venue of their choice in order to minimise logistical costs.

Further details of the programme will be provided in due course however it should be noted that the overall objectives of the QRP is to ensure that as many of the businesses and large governmental organisations that are based in the UK as possible are provided with the means to start to answer the critical question, “how will quantum computing and quantum technologies affect our strategic and business plans and how do we prepare adequately to benefit from the new paradigm in computing represented by quantum computers”.

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