Exploring molecular excited states with CQC using IBM’s Qiskit

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, April 15, 2019 —An expository article on quantum chemistry with a detailed description of a method to explore molecular excited states is linked below. An additional link to a tutorial that explains how Terra and Aqua packages can be maximised via CQC’s proprietary compiler t|ket⟩™

Among the many ground-breaking uses of quantum computers, calculating the properties of molecules is one of the most promising and one that will affect human lives in profound and fundamental ways.

At Cambridge Quantum Computing, we have been working hard to make this possibility a reality. In this article we will explain how we used IBM’s Qiskit software stack in combination with our own proprietary compiler, t|ket⟩™ to compute the excited states of a simple molecule, lithium hydride (LiH).

Link to the article

Link to the tutorial via Jupyter notebook on GitHub

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