From stochastic spin chains to quantum Kardar-Parisi-Zhang dynamics


We introduce the asymmetric extension of the Quantum Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process which is a stochastic model of fermions on a lattice hopping with random amplitudes. In this setting, we analytically show that the time-integrated current of fermions defines a height field which exhibits a quantum non-linear stochastic Kardar-Parisi-Zhang dynamics. Similarly to classical simple exclusion processes, we further introduce the discrete Cole-Hopf (or Gärtner) transform of the height field which satisfies a quantum version of the Stochastic Heat Equation. Finally, we investigate the limit of the height field theory in the continuum under the celebrated Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling and the regime of almost-commuting quantum noise.

Tony Jin, Alexandre Krajenbrink, Denis Bernard

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