Dr Alyn Chad Edwards

Head of Strategy



Dr Alyn Chad Edwards holds a Master’s in Chemistry with Industrial Placement from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He completed his PhD in Nuclear Fission and Computational Quantum Chemistry at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

He also obtained a Master of Business Administration at the Alliance Manchester Business School and was amongst the youngest to attain an MBA in the AMBS’s history. In 2013, Dr Edwards was awarded a Salters’ Graduate Prize as one of the top 4 UK Chemistry Graduates. Throughout his academic track, Dr Edwards earned full-ride scholarships, including Young Potential Leaders and another offered by BP, and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles along the way.

During his Master’s degree, Dr Edwards spent one year in the pharmaceutical industry and then in Big Tech during his MBA, working with the Google Quantum team to devise their partnerships strategy for academic and startup groups across Europe. At BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, Dr Edwards worked across product management and strategy roles in their German and UK head offices, building machine learning tools for key decision-making in a $1.5bn commodities business.

Dr Edwards then joined Cambridge Quantum to initiate productisation and commercialisation – bringing products to market and signing partnerships with Fortune 100 companies across pharma, chemicals, energy and the automotive industry. Dr Edwards is an invited member of the Global McKinsey Technology Council, where he collaborates alongside prominent CEOs, executives and business leaders from the quantum and Artificial Intelligence sectors to discuss sector-wide topics and promote broadened collaboration and engagement.

Dr Alyn Chad Edwards
Cambridge, August 2021

My Trajectory

My role is quite diverse and ranges from designing and implementing company-wide strategy through to new partner acquisition, product development and delivery. The past few months have seen us announce an exciting merger with Honeywell Quantum and a rebrand with Pentagram – two major projects which have been very different in nature, but equally exciting and rewarding.

On a day-to-day basis, I closely interface with our partners at Google, Microsoft, Honeywell, AWS, OQC and many others to ensure we continue working cross-platform for various ongoing projects. I am most drawn to collaborative partners who are committed to developing quantum computing in a sustainable way. There is no doubt that quantum computing has the potential to impact every single sector and industry, however, this won’t happen overnight and getting to this point will require close partnerships, transparency and careful cross-pollination of domain expertise.

As Head of Strategy at Cambridge Quantum, I aim to positively transform the world through a shared vision of developing and democratising quantum computation. The people, the potential and the technology most excite me, as well as joining forces with the brightest quantum minds. Together we are moving towards developing and defining a new era of computation whilst tackling the world’s most challenging problems, and that’s pretty hard to beat.

As a chemist, I’m naturally most excited about the potential of quantum computing for quantum simulations. It’s an area where I believe we will see the technology radically transform entire industries, including the likes of pharma, healthcare, energy, transportation and others.


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