Duncan Jones

Head of Quantum Cybersecurity

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At Cambridge Quantum, Duncan Jones heads up the quantum cybersecurity team, which develops cutting-edge cybersecurity products based on quantum technology. His main area of focus lies in commercialising the technologies Cambridge Quantum has developed as they are ready for production use today.

Mr. Jones previously worked at Thales, where he spent most of his time in the professional services team, delivering security solutions to large companies around the world.

He later served as a Solutions Architect and Product Manager for Cryptomathic’s crypto gateway product and led the successful release of the first European cross-channel payments system at Worldpay.

Following that, he rejoined Thales to lead the research team focused on “blue sky” security technology. Most recently, at Arm, Mr. Jones oversaw the United Kingdom product team in the development of their IoT security platform.

Mr. Jones is a graduate from the University of Cambridge with a BA in computer science.

Duncan Jones
Cambridge, August 2021

My Trajectory

At Cambridge Quantum, I aim to ensure our quantum technology underpins the world’s largest cybersecurity systems. I’m very excited about how quantum will change the world, and it’s truly fulfilling to combine that with my deep experience in cybersecurity. I’m a firm believer in the fact that quantum technology will revolutionise cybersecurity, and I’m eager to play my part in making that a reality.

Cybersecurity is important for every industry and represents an ideal first step to explore the quantum world. I am seeing strong interest in our technology from a range of sectors, including financial services, telecoms, oil and gas, government and defence, amongst others.

I am keen on working with partners and customers who are interested in enhancing their security and protecting their customer data. We’re always on the lookout for collaborative partnerships, where we can help guide the customer, and vice versa, towards the deployment of highly secure quantum technology.

Some past events I’ve taken part in include Quantum Tech, FinovateSpring Digital, Inside Quantum Tech, QBN Quantum Summit, CogX, PrivSec Global, QBN Meeting on QC for Finance, Strategic Communications Workshop on Prevent and New Technology (EU policy discussion), PrivSec Identity & Access Management and The Tortoise Cyber Summit.

Be sure to watch my video about the quantum threat.


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