Dr Gabriela Cimpan

Head of Sales

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Dr Gabriela Cimpan earned an MS in chemical engineering and a PhD in analytical chemistry from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s largest university. Dr Cimpan was a lecturer in the Analytical Chemistry department at the same university and dedicated her time to numerous research projects across Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and Romania.

Dr Cimpan has previously published many chemistry peer-reviewed papers and co-authored scientific books and courses for university students. She has been a member of the editorial board at the Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Techniques.

Throughout her career, Dr Cimpan has applied her technical background and knowledge towards all business dealings and leadership positions. To date, she has collaborated with innovative research groups and companies that are world leaders in their respective scientific markets, and Cambridge Quantum is no exception.

Dr Gabriela Cimpan
London, September 2021

My Trajectory

Designing, implementing and executing sales and business development strategies is at the heart of my undertakings at Cambridge Quantum. Since day one, I have set out to effectively position Cambridge Quantum’s offerings, attract new clientele and retain existing ones.

My role consists of selecting eye level companies and like-minded ventures to partner with in order to forge into strategic areas and create impactful reverberations across society. A meticulous commercial plan is part and parcel to my approach, as is attaining business goals, streamlining market understanding and managing the global sales and business development teams. In the end, it’s about ensuring we establish mutually beneficial relationships with satisfied clients and grow Cambridge Quantum in the process.

I am honoured to work with the members of the sales and business development team who are all enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals. The team is growing at a rapid pace, and I am excited to coach and lead it to success.

Quantum computing is certainly going to be a disruptive technology in the near term, with the potential to influence nearly every aspect of human life. It is a hugely exciting journey, to say the least. Being a part of quantum computing, understanding the technology and educating the market – in turn leading other companies to share the same vision and become partners, collaborators, or customers – are my ultimate drivers.

One of the industries that holds the most promise as a first segue into quantum computing is material science, particularly drug discovery. The interactions at the atomic and molecular level are very complex, and classical computing currently has limited capacity in simulating them.


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