Waseem Shiraz

Chief Operating Officer

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Waseem Shiraz is a graduate from University College London (UCL) with a BSc (Hons) in Economics. After graduation, Mr. Shiraz joined Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking division where he focused on capital markets, M&A and restructuring transactions.

As the Former Director of IQM Finland Oy, Mr. Shiraz led the company’s US$13M seed round funding for the development of high-speed superconducting quantum processors. He also served on the board of IQM during its fundraising efforts and spin-out from Aalto University and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Mr. Shiraz was also the Managing Partner of Stanhill Capital Partners, where he invested in multiple companies, inclusive of buyouts and public and private equity investments. He led deals in the USA, Europe and Asia, totalling US$2bn+ across a variety of industrial and technology sectors.

Waseem Shiraz
London, October 2021

My Trajectory

As the Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Quantum, I have been guiding and developing global operations and growth from an early stage to the present. I believe it’s my responsibility to help every person in the organisation develop their unique talents to maximise their impact.

We are now the world’s leading quantum computing software company with over 100 scientists, numerous Fortune 100 partners, customers and operations in the USA, Europe and Asia.

The recent merger with Honeywell Quantum Solutions (HQS) – an investor in and commercial partner of Cambridge Quantum since 2019 – was a notable milestone in Cambridge Quantum’s history. It has realised fully integrated hardware and software solutions at an unprecedented pace, scale and level of performance to large high-growth markets worldwide. The rate of change we are seeing across quantum computing is more rapid than ever before and is opening incredibly exciting opportunities not thought possible a few years ago.

I am passionate about helping Cambridge Quantum become the most successful global technology organisation of the 21st century and to make a real difference to society.
All of this requires exceptional talent, amazing dedication and remarkable teamwork, which is why we have created an open and deeply scientific culture that inspires people from all backgrounds with curious minds to work free from the fear of failure.

Quantum cybersecurity is certainly one industry that holds immense promise now and into the quantum future. In this regard, Cambridge Quantum has built products that provide protection from the new generation of quantum computing technologies. Imagine a Fortune 100 drug company developing a new drug, Tesla creating new battery chemistry or BP modelling new ways to extract oil more efficiently.

With TKET and EUMEN, Cambridge Quantum has developed software to run these calculations on quantum computers, and one cannot overstate the impact this will have on the world. Envision a computer that can communicate with a human and possess real intelligence. This requires a new paradigm in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in the form of Quantum Natural Language Processing. With lambeq, Cambridge Quantum is pioneering research in these emerging fields.

At Cambridge Quantum, we work side-by-side with partners – not only from within our industry, but across academia, global corporations, governments and scientific organisations – to tackle problems that can be solved through quantum computing as we look to extend what is possible through next generation technologies and help shape the future of the world.


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