Machine Learning Street Talk: Quantum Natural Language Processing with Bob Coecke

Bob Coecke is Chief Scientist at CQC and he’s been a Physics and Quantum professor at Oxford University for the last 20 years. He is particularly interested in Structure which is to say, Logic, Order, and Category Theory. He is well known for work involving compositional distributional models of natural language meaning and he is also fascinated with understanding how our brains work.
Bob thinks that interactions between systems in Quantum Mechanics carries naturally over to how word meanings interact in natural language. Bob argues that this interaction embodies the phenomenon of quantum teleportation.
Bob invented ZX-calculus, a graphical calculus for revealing the compositional structure inside quantum circuits – to show entanglement states and protocols in a visually succinct but logically complete way. Von Neumann himself didn’t even like his own original symbolic formalism of quantum theory, despite it being widely used!
We hope you enjoy this fascinating conversation which might give you a lot of insight into natural language processing.
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