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Our newsroom is the window into Cambridge Quantum’s latest news, press releases and interviews, featuring in-depth stories to share with a wide range of audiences and readerships. We offer diverse perspectives into quantum for scientists, corporations, governments, healthcare and the general public. Our media kit is a repository for product releases, new technology deployments, partnerships and acquisitions, conferences, summits and multimedia assets.

Cambridge Quantum is open to building long-term collaborations and media partnerships. If you believe that your media outlet could benefit from working with our team, please field your interest using the contact information below.


Cambridge Quantum
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Cambridge Quantum is creating waves of change in the world through next generation technologies in the realm of quantum computation. We collaborate with strategic partners across academia, global corporations, governments and scientific organisations to tackle intractable problems in materials science, drug discovery and innovation, healthcare, energy and cybersecurity.

Contact us for our media kit, which will give you a bird’s eye view into Cambridge Quantum’s history, milestones, mission, publications and brilliant team of scientists.