Our Leadership

The collective experience of Cambridge Quantum’s leadership team is creating waves of change in the world of quantum technology, attracting a roster of renowned Fortune 500 businesses in the spheres of pharma and healthcare, finance, cybersecurity, energy and chemicals across Europe, the USA and Japan.

Year on year, Cambridge Quantum continues to attract leading scientists, researchers, developers and engineers working to realise and deliver quantum advantage across a broad range of industries.

Ilyas Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Benjamin
President of Cambridge Quantum
North America

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Shuya Kekke
Chief Executive Officer
Representative Director

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Waseem Shiraz
Chief Operating Officer

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Duncan Jones
Head of Quantum Cybersecurity

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Steve Brocklebank
Head of Human Resources

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Tony Hotung
General Counsel

Cambridge Quantum empowers businesses, institutions, investors, partners and governments through quantum computing solutions which will radically transform drug development and discovery, materials science, healthcare and energy in the quantum future.

Our technologies extend to the areas of quantum chemistry, quantum cybersecurity, quantum artificial intelligence and quantum algorithms and are currently utilised by an expansive and ever-growing user base. The Cambridge Quantum ecosystem consists of global leaders in tech, computing, aerospace and energy across Europe, the USA and Japan.


The team at Cambridge Quantum has been developing the theoretical foundations of quantum computing for over 25 years, forging ahead with breakthroughs in the fields of quantum chemistry, quantum artificial intelligence, quantum cybersecurity and quantum algorithms. At present, we have the deepest roster of researchers, developers and engineers, working to democratise quantum computation and realise the benefits for the greatest possible number of people.

Professor Bob Coecke
Chief Scientist
Head of Quantum Natural Language Processing
Dr David Muñoz Ramo
Head of Quantum Chemistry
Dr Mattia Fiorentini
Head of Machine Learning
and Quantum Algorithms
Dr Ross Duncan
Head of Quantum Software
Professor Stephen Clark
Head of Artificial Intelligence