Building a cybersecurity ecosystem to make communications more secure and to reduce a risk of data breaches now and in the future.

Cambridge Quantum is committed to building a network of partners that can deliver integrated solutions and security expertise that is required to combat today’s and tomorrow’s advanced cyber adversaries. Cambridge Quantum provides a unique opportunity for its partners to bring valuable and innovative security solutions and services to end users powered by verifiable quantum randomness and superior cryptographic keys.

Our technology partners offer innovative solutions based on integration with Quantum Origin, capitalising on the Quantum Origin verifiable quantum randomness coupled with the partner’s security solutions, expertise and capabilities.

Partner with us

Cambridge Quantum is open to establishing long-term collaborations with businesses and organisations interested in identifying innovative solutions to defend against the most advanced cybersecurity threats and building quantum resilience into systems today.

Enhance your cybersecurity offering and help secure communication into the quantum future by working with us. To engage within Cambridge Quantum’s partner ecosystem and learn more about Quantum Origin, register your interest with us at the email below.

Collaboration with Fujitsu
Fujitsu is building new possibilities by connecting people, technology and ideas to create a more sustainable world. The company calls this “Fujitsu Uvance,” and it is focussed on seven key areas, including sustainable manufacturing, consumer experience, healthy living, trusted society, digital shifts, business applications and hybrid IT. Fujitsu and Cambridge Quantum have partnered to build quantum resilience on software-based networks and demonstrate QRNG integration on the Fujitsu SD Wan.
Collaboration with Thales
From aerospace and defence to security and transportation, Thales helps its customers to create a safer world by providing them with the tools needed to protect and secure access to the most sensitive data and software wherever created, shared or stored. Quantum Origin is combining with Thales’ trusted HSMs to deliver a class-leading cryptographic management solution now and in the future.
Collaboration with Crypto4A
Crypto4A solutions help secure and accelerate digital transformations, cloud migrations and crypto-agility by combining hardware-based security for digital keys, workloads, data and applications with the simplicity of a single management environment from anywhere in the world, regardless of the deployment method. Crypto4A’s collaboration with Cambridge Quantum will extend the capabilities of classical HSMs, including offering Quantum Assure security models backed by Quantum Origin.
Collaboration with Keyfactor
Keyfactor is on a mission to drive crypto-agility. Whether it’s shifting Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to the cloud or managing millions of keys and certificates, Keyfactor secures all machine identities – from modern, multi-cloud enterprises to complex IoT supply chains. Keyfactor backed by Quantum Origin enables organisations to shift to PKI in the cloud and manage millions of post quantum keys.
Collaboration with Senetas
Senetas cybersecurity solutions provide enterprise-wide security for remote workers and long-term protection of network transmitted data. Data network encryption, secure file-sharing and proactive anti-malware protection are all based on the same crypto-agile principles and deliver security without compromise. Senetas is partnering with Cambridge Quantum to build Quantum Origin into point-to-point network encryption.
Our Experts

Cambridge Quantum empowers businesses, institutions, investors, partners and governments through quantum computing solutions which will radically transform drug development and discovery, materials science, healthcare and energy in the quantum future.

Our technologies extend to the areas of quantum chemistry, quantum cybersecurity, quantum artificial intelligence and quantum algorithms and are currently utilised by an expansive and ever-growing user base. The Cambridge Quantum ecosystem consists of global leaders in tech, computing, aerospace and energy across Europe, the USA and Japan.

Cambridge Quantum is open to building long-term collaborations and business partnerships. If you believe that your organisation could benefit from working with our team, please field your interest using the contact information below.