As one of the world’s largest quantum computing companies, we have specialist teams across four core domains that have developed and continue to innovate quantum computing products and solutions to tackle complex scientific and business challenges across a diverse range of sectors.


Quantum Software Development Platform

t|ket⟩™ is an architecture agnostic quantum software stack and ‘best in class’ compiler. t|ket⟩™ translates machine independent algorithms into executable circuits, optimising for physical qubit layout whilst reducing the number of required operations. t|ket⟩™’s state of the art qubit scheduling and routing protocol ensures optimal results even in the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) era.

t|ket⟩™ enables our partners, collaborators and clients to effortlessly work across multiple platforms and tackle some of the most intriguing and important problems in chemistry, material science, finance and optimization.

[python3] $ pip install pytket

Quantum Chemistry

The advent of quantum computation represents the beginning of a new era for molecular simulation, allowing exact quantum calculations to be executed. ​

At CQC, we are combining our proprietary technology and unique interdisciplinary expertise across the fields of quantum information and computational chemistry to fully exploit this paradigm shift. We have developed EUMEN, a complete package to facilitate the design of pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals, performance materials and agrochemicals. Working with some of the world’s largest industrial entities, we are pioneers in this emerging field.

Quantum Machine Learning

CQC’s efforts in QML are focused on quantum circuit learning, and our approach is an early and meaningful beneficiary of quantum computing in its current noisy intermediate-scale form. Our research is aimed at enabling innovation in AI applications as well as fundamental understanding of quantum computing itself.

We have strong commercial expertise in deploying deep learning for time-series modeling and decision-making, and we specialize in designing quantum enhanced solutions for machine learning and optimization problems.


Quantum Cybersecurity

CQC’s work on quantum encryption is referred to as IronBridge™ where we have developed methods to provide current and post-quantum cybersecurity by solving the most fundamental vulnerabilities in cryptographic protocols and procedures. CQC is at the heart of determining the global standards for encryption and is deploying IronBridge™ across the world’s largest organisations both by using existing quantum computers and also via specially assembled devices.

Please see below for a quick introduction to IronBridge™


CQC has demonstrated that verifiable quantum randomness can be generated from a quantum processor. This is the essential seed for keys that are non deterministic and can therefore not be hacked and certified by the laws of quantum mechanics as well as being suitable for a “zero trust” environment. We have also designed a photonic quantum device that provides unhackable security that is certified by the laws of quantum mechanics. IronBridge™ is the only encryption process that ensures device independence and source certifiability to be used for post-quantum encryption algorithms, cached entropy generation for IoT devices, key generation for certificates, quantum watermarking and many other use cases and can be generated by general purpose NISQ era quantum computers that are currently available.

Quantum Finance

CQC is involved in developing quantum tools in partnerships with our customers to provide:

• Financial data analysis

• Custom reports on financial data and business reports

• Financial brokerage services using deep-learning

• AI-assisted fund management

• Research on stock pricing and trends

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