Cambridge Quantum is at the forefront of quantum algorithms and software development, enabling our partners and clients to attain the most value out of rapidly evolving quantum computing hardware. Our technology is currently employed by an ever expanding and global user base – from academia, through to governments and the world’s largest companies across the tech, energy, healthcare, finance, automotive, pharma and transportation sectors.

Quantum Cybersecurity

Quantum Origin is an industry-defining, cryptographic key generation platform that employs quantum computers to generate quantum-enhanced cryptographic keys. Using the Quantum Origin platform, both classical algorithms (e.g., RSA or AES) and post-quantum algorithms (e.g., CRYSTALS-Dilithium and Falcon) can be seeded to provide cryptographic keys that offer superior protection against even the most powerful of adversaries.

Quantum Software Development Toolkit

TKET is the leading, open-source development toolkit that enables state-of-the-art optimisation and manipulation of quantum circuits for NISQ devices. With platform agnosticism at its core, TKET is integrated with most commercially available quantum hardware platforms (e.g., IBM, Honeywell, Google, IonQ and others) and quantum programming tools (e.g., Cirq, Qiskit and Pennylane). TKET’s user base is growing exponentially, enabling more users across industry and academia to extract value from quantum hardware as it becomes increasingly available online.

Quantum Chemistry

InQuanto is built for computational chemists seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible using today’s quantum computers. Now available for the first time as a standalone software platform, InQuanto enables users to experiment with the latest quantum algorithms, advanced subroutines, and chemistry-specific noise-mitigation techniques to make the best use of today’s quantum computers for real-world use cases.

Quantum Algorithms

Our goal is to realise definitive and unequivocal quantum computational advantage as soon as possible – this motivates everything we do. Although we are ultimately interested in all quantum algorithms, at present, we have identified three problems which show promise for early quantum advantage, including Monte Carlo estimation, optimisation and solving Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). In each of these areas we are partnered with industry leaders to tailor best-in-class quantum solutions to problems at the very heart of their business.

Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising and broadly impactful application areas of quantum computing. At Cambridge Quantum, we have adopted a unique and holistic approach to the development of QAI, simultaneously pioneering the highly interconnected areas of quantum machine learning, quantum natural language processing, quantum deep learning, combinatorial optimisation and sampling (i.e., Monte Carlo simulations) to build intelligence systems of the future.

Quantum Machine Learning

In collaboration with our industrial, academic and governmental partners, we design and engineer novel, application-motivated Quantum Machine Learning algorithms. To date, we have worked with a wealth of the world’s largest organisations to deploy purpose-built, QML algorithms across industries such as finance, healthcare, pharma, energy and logistics. Our resource-efficient and cross-platform capabilities enable us to extract the most from quantum devices today, propelling us ever closer to our goal of quantum advantage.

Quantum Natural Language Processing
Compositional Intelligence

The rapidly emerging field of Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP), and its underlying theoretical foundations, has been pioneered by the team at Cambridge Quantum. Our structural approach takes advantage of mathematical analogies between theoretical linguistics and quantum theory to design “quantum native” NLP pipelines. Combined with advances in Quantum Machine Learning (QML), we have successfully trained quantum computers to perform elementary text classification and question-answering tasks, paving the way for more scalable intelligence systems.

New Business

Cambridge Quantum empowers businesses, institutions, investors, partners and governments through quantum computing solutions which will radically transform virtually every sector and industry including drug development and discovery, materials science, healthcare and energy.

Our technologies extend to the areas of quantum chemistry, quantum cybersecurity, quantum artificial intelligence and quantum algorithms and are currently utilised by an expansive and ever-growing user base. The Cambridge Quantum ecosystem consists of global leaders in tech, computing, aerospace and energy across Europe, the USA and Japan.

Cambridge Quantum is open to building long-term collaborations and business partnerships.
If you believe that your organisation could benefit from working with our team, please field your interest using the contact information below.